Wonderful gift ideas for x-mas at Gifted Hands on Kimathi street

Are you wondering what you will get your mother/father/sister/brother  for Xmas? worry no more, visit Gifted Hands shop, Kimathi street, at 2nd floor, Kimathi House for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, from perfumes, to flowers, bedding, toys, jewellery and many more all on special offers. Hurry while stocks last.

Sale at House of leather on Agakhan walk

Visit House of leather on Agakhan walk  and buy items worth 1500 and more and get a FREE gift. Hurry offer is on until the 19th of October 2013.

Buy pencil pouches, stationery at affordable prices

Visit Seal Honey on Kenyatta Avenue for affordable pencil cases from 49 KS, and files and folders from 130 KS, and a set of paint brushes available at 300 KS only. Hurry while stocks last.

Sale on selected books at Timboroa Road book shop

Buy assorted books and reads at special offers on selected books from Timboroa book store whose entrance is on Latema road. Hurry while stocks last.

Special offer at Savannis book shop

Buy textbooks and exercise books at Savannis book shop, Latema road,worth 15oo KS or higher and get a free set of pencils or crayons. Offer is valid while free stocks last.

Buy assorted items from 100 KS

Visit SHOP 100 and buy assorted items from 100 KS only . The items include, books, utensils, toys, stationery and many other items from 100 KS only at SHOP 100 on Muindi Mbingu street

Buy children story books at special rates

Buy fairy tale children stories at 150 KS only from Savannis book store on Latema Road. Offer is valid as stocks last.

Special offer at House of Leather buy two items at a discounted price

Visit House of Leather on Agakhan walk for a discount as follows buy two items together at 50 shillings less for example , party hats , party plates , children skipping ropes, children crayons and erasers and many more selected items. Hurry while stock last.

Sale at House of leather shop

Buy assorted shoes and socks , household items and books and stationery at 30 % discounted rates. Offer available at House of leather, NHC house, Agakhan walk.

Amazing deals on household items at Ebrahims & Co LTD.

An offer that has never been at Ebrahim’s and Co. LTD is happening through this month and until the 15th of September 2013 or until the items are cleared. Offer is on house hold items, utensils, and many more.Its an offer nobody would want to miss. Ebrahim’s & co LTD located on Moi Avenue

40 % discount at House of leather

Get 40 % discount on items at House of leather items are like house hold goods, female and male shoes and toys of children. Offer is available at NHC house Agakhan walk Offer valid while stocks last.

There is a super sale going on at Uchumi super market on Agakhan walk and Monrovia street

Get special offers and clearance offers at Uchumi supermarkets on Agakhan walk and Monrovia street. Offer is on household items, children’s toys, utensils and stationery and books. Offer is valid to the 31st of August 2013.  

Shop 100 sale on selected items

Buy selected items at Shop 100 Muindi Mbingu street at amazing low prices. Offer is available on cosmetics, storage containers, stationery and many more. Hurry while stocks last.

Sale at House of leather

Visit House of Leather shop on Agakhan walk for amazing sales on selected item s and get 50 % off. Offer is valid while stocks lasts.