Buy G-tide and Techno phones with keypads at 1999 KS

Visit MEL-Tech shop on Gaberone Road for affordable phones from 1999 KS. Hurry while stocks last.

Laptops sale

Wekesa traders on Gaberone street has a sale on: laptop computers mini dell inspiron HP laptops Starting from 22000 kshs Offer valid while stocks last.

Fries at 50/-

Mountain special food and beverage restaurant on Gaberone road has an offer always there: buy chips at 50 kshs and get free tomato sauce

Chips @60 Bob

C and J restaurant on Gaberone road has a sale on take away purchase of chips at 60kshs and you get a free salad and tomato sauce. Business: C and J restaurant Where: Gaberone road

8 Passport Photos @ 75 Bob

Photo Shop limited on Gaberone road has an offer where you print 8 passport photos for 75kshs in 2 minutes. Offer is always there. Business: Photo Shop limited Where: Gaberone road

Special Offer on Memory Cards

Ruda mobile shop on Gaberone road has special offer on 1GB memory card going for 280 kshs and 2GB going for 400 kshs. Offer is ongoing. Business: Ruda mobile shop Where: Gaberone road

Various Electronics on Sale

There is a sale on LG DVD players with USB ports going for 2800 kshs. Among other items on sale are reading lamps and juice extractors all on sale at Ridge Power electrical stalls on Gaberone road. Business: Ridge Power Where: Gaberone road