Sale on children’s shoes at Tuskys supermarket

Buy Children’s shoes all at discounts of 20 %. Hurry offer is valid until 30th October 2013. OFFER IS VALID WHILE STOCKS LAST AT TUSKYS SUPERMARKET ON GEN. WARUINGI STREET

Sale on food stuffs at Tuslys super market

Offer is available on food stuffs including chicken meat as from 599 KS on 1.3 KG chicken, biscuits (house of manji) Sugar at 120 a KG and many more selected items on offer. Offer available at Tuskys Kenyatta Avenue, General waruingi street, Tom Mboya street.

Sale on Oriv padlocks

Visit Nick’s hardware shop on Gen. Waruingi street for offers on padlock and special locks and keys from 1800 KS instead of the usual 2900 KS . Offer is available on Oriv padlocks and keys and is valid while stocks last.

Special offer on childrens bicycles

Buy children bicycles from Tuskys supermarket all at special offers of 5999 Ks instead of 6800 Ks . Save 800 Ks and get your child that dream gift. Offer available at Tuskys supermarket on Tom Mboya street, Moi avenue and General Waruingi street.

Special offer on skool point children’s modelling clay

Buy skool point modelling clay at 60 Ks only from Tuskys supermarket on General Waruingi street. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Buy Wooden TV stand at 2,999 Ks

Offer for a wooden TV stand available at Tuskys supermarket on General waruingi street.It is now at a special offer price of 2,999 Ks. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Special Christmas offers at Tuskys Supermarket

Buy smart at Any Tuskys supermarket for amazing Christmas offers on selected items including electronics, food stuffs and furniture and get 60 % off on purchase. Offer is valid until 341st December 2012.

Special prices on I-Mi Fone

Buy I Mi fone ,i MI FONE -3000 WITH DUAL SIM,2.8 COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN,2MP CAMERA,FM RADIO ,MP3 PLAYER,BLUE TOOTH AND MEMORY CARD UP TO 8 GB.Available at Tuskys Tuscom mobiles on General waruinge street. Offer is valid while stocks last.