Fried Meat at 200

Mwangis nyama choma parlor on Gwasi road has special offer on fried meat and stews now reduced to a 200 kshs inclusive of labor charges instead of 250 kshs as before. Business: Mwangis nyama choma Where: Gwasi road

Free Wine or Whisky

Lichens wines and spirits on Gwasi road has the following offer; buy Drinks worth 1000 kshs and get free wine glass or two whisky glasses. Offer is always available. Business: Lichens wines and spirits Where: Gwasi road

Sale: Women’s Leather & Shiny Shoes

Corrinah fashion and designs on Gwasi road has a sale on women’s leather and shiny shoes assorted in type and color shoes are going for amazingly reduced prices from 800 kshs. Offer is valid while stocks last. Business: Corrinah fashion Where: Gwasi Road

Reduced Prices on Wheat Flour & Unga wa Baridi

Nandi Mills Company dealers in cereal produces have reduced prices on: wheat flour from 180 kshs per kilo to 150 kshs per kilo unga wa baridi is now on at a special price of 120 per kilo Business: Nandi Mills Company Where: Gwasi Road

Ladies Handbag Special Offer

Maji masafi beauty shop on Gwasi road has special offer on ladies handbags going at 100 Kenya shillings (handbags made in china and Kenya but are leather). Business: Maji masafi beauty shop Where: Gwasi Road

Computers at Kshs 6,500/-

Kurgat shop on Gwasi road, sale on computers prices starting from 6500 kshs on CPU’s and monitors. Offer valid while stocks last. Business: Kurgat shop Where: Gwasi Road

50% Discount on Curtains

Hope textiles on Gwasi road has sale on curtains and other house hold linens prices are different for each fabric but all prices have been reduced by 50 percent. Business: Hope textiles Where: Gwasi Road

Free Soda With Purchase of Chicken & Chips

Mwirit café on Gwasi road has a special offer; buy a full chicken, packet of chips and you get a free soda, tomato sauce and kachumbari free Business: Mwirit café Where: Gwasi Road

Electric Kettle & Carpet Cleaner Sale

Sunuu electric appliances shop on Gwasi road has special offers on the following items: second hand electric kettle now going for 2400 kshs second hand sony carpet cleaner now going for 3000 kshs Offer is valid while stocks last. Business: Sunuu electric appliances Where: Gwasi Road