Luthuli Avenue

Luthuli Avenue is a road in Nairobi, Kenya. It is named after Chief Albert Luthuli.

Chief Albert Luthuli, from the republic of South Africa, was Africa's first winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace and president of the ANC ( African National Congress) until his death (under mysterious circumstances) in 1967.

Modern day Luthuli avenue is renown for its many electronics shops.

Bata Sale get 40 % discount upto the 3rd and 4th pair of shoes.

Buy shoes from Bata shoes stores Mama ngina street,Luthuli Avenue and get 40 % discount on the third and fourth pair of shoes. Offer valid until 31st October 2013.

Buy Techno and G-tide mobile phones at special offers

Visit Mobi-tech on Luthuli Avenue for special offer on G-tide and Techno phones from 3500 KS. Offer is valid until 30th September 2013. Hurry while stocks last.

Buy phones at affordable rates

Visit Star com mobiles on Luthuli avenue for Samsung galaxy Duos music at 4,500 Ks, Nokia C3 at 6,000 Ks and many other phones on offer. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Special offers at Bata shoes shops

Buy children shoes from 599 Ksh and stand a chance to get free children socks . Offer available at Bata stores , Luthuli Avenue, Agakhan walk, Moi Avenue and many more. Offer is valid until 31st of March 2013.

Special offers on Memory cards

Buy memory cards from 399 ksh only at Alharamayn free Market on Luthuli Avenue. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Sale on mobile phones

Get 30 % discount off on mobile phones at Mash communications on Luthuli Avenue. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Special offer on mobile phones

Buy Jibambe mobile phone at 999 ksh and Nokia 1100 at 1699 ksh. Offer is available while stocks last at Parker Radio house on Luthuli Avenue.

Sale at Solar Computers

  Visit Solar computers at Sky small house, 2nd floor Luthuli avenue shop number S 410 for a sale on ; Dell,HP Compaq 2.0/512/40 gb at 5,300 ksh,2.2/512/40 gb at 5,500 ksh ,3.0/512/40 gb at 8,000 ksh. Offer is valid while stocks last.  

Ramadhan special offers on mobile phones at Al-Amana electronics LTD

Visit Al-Amana electronics LTD on Luthuli avenue ,Dama house,ground floor shop number 1 for the following ; Nokia Asha 302 at 8,999 ksh,Nokia Asha 303 at 11,499 ksh,Nokia Asha 302 at 8,999 ksh, Nokia Asha 305 at 8,999 ksh,Nokia Asha 200 at 6,999 ksh and Nokia Asha 201 at 6,499 kshs.Offer is valid while stocks […]

Sale on dinner plates

Buy dinner plates at amazingly low rates of 130 per piece only at Mild burys households on Luthili avenue. Offer is valid while stocks last.

April special offers on computers

Buy the following computers on offer: 2.2/512/40 at 5,700 kshs, 2.4/512/40 at 6,300 kshs or a 3.0/512/40 with DVD RM at 8,000 kshs. All this is available at Knickpoint Systems, 2nd floor, shop number 45, electronic house on Luthuli avenue. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Computers sale

Visit Knick point systems at Electronic house – 2nd floor on Luthuli avenue, shop number 45 for the following offers: 2.2/512/40 at 5,8oo kshs, 2.4/512/40 at 6,300 kshs, 2.6/512/40 at 6,700 kshs and many more. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Water bottle sale

Buy water bottles for as low as 150 kshs at Luthuli avenue junction hawkers. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Big Bowl of Fruit Salad Offer

Mwangi’s fruit salad and cereal shop on Luthuli avenue has an offer going on: buy big bowl of fruit salad at 60 kshs and get a free banana Offer is ongoing.