Buy ladies dresses for the hot season at 1300 KS

Visit belle shop on Mfangano street, Sun Beam for amazing discounts on ladies dresses now going for 1300 KS only. Hurry while stocks last.

Ladies dresses at 2500 KS

Buy ladies dresses at 2500 KS only from Queenling models shop on Mfangano street. Hurry while stocks last.

Carpets on offer !!

Buy carpets for your bed side, living room and kitchen at 30 % discount only at Eastmat Super market on Mfangano street. Hurry while offer lasts.

Sale on Kikoi towels

Buy cotton kikoi detailed towels at 1500 KS only from Cianda market along Mfangano street stall b 2. Hurry while few stocks last.

Buy hair treatments and acessories at special prices.

Buy hair accessories and treatments at special reduced prices from Best cosmetics on Mfangano street. Hurry while stocks last.

Men’s Ambassador brand of shoes at 4999 KS

Buy men’s designer Ambassador shoes at 4999 KS only at Ukwala super market on Mfangano street. Hurry while stocks last.

Armco LED TV at 23,000 KS

Buy Armco 17 ” TV at 23000 KS only at UKwala super market on Mfangano street. Offer valid while few stocks to be cleared last.

Buy poly cotton king size bedsheets at 1600 KS only!

Visit Wangs stall 12, Cianda market on Mfangano street for the above sale this cold season and get yourself a cool bedsheet at the best price in town. Offer is valid while stocks alst.  

Keep warm this cold season with warm duvets at 2,999 Ks

Buy one duvet ( 5 by 6), one bed sheet, and two pillow cases at only 2,999 Ks. Offer is at Sun Beam stalls on Mfangano street , 2nd floor  stall S 27. Offer valid while stocks last. Hurry and beat this cold season.

Buy duvets at special prices for the cold season

Buy beautiful duvets with one bedsheet and two pillow cases at only 3,500 Ks at Selling duvets shop at Sun Beam stalls stall 11A. Offer valid while stocks last.

Buy ladies suits at 1500 Ks

Buy mix and match and also plain ladies suits from 1500 Ks only at Sun beam shopping complex on Mfangano street stall b1.

Sale on duvet set

Buy a thick duvet of size 5 by 6, one bedsheet and two matching pillow cases all at an amazing special price of 3,000 Ks.Offer is available at Sun beam stalls on Mfangano street stall number 2b.

Super bargains at Ukwala supemarket

Buy goods this festive season 20 piece dinner set at 100 Ks, Giant flask at 257 Ks, and Armco iron box at 875 Ks. Hurry offer is valid while stocks last on all Ukwala supermarkets in Nirobi CBD.

Get 8 passport photos for 100 Ks and full lenth photo for 100 Ks only

Visit Kodak studio on Mfangano street for 4 passport photos at 100 Ks and one beautiful full lenth photo at 100 Ks.Offer is valid to the 15 th of January 2013