Best offer on Flash disks

Buy a 1GB flash disk at 350 kshs, 2GB at 600 kshs only at Rac course electronics shop on Race course road.

Make-up Box at 250/-

Rukias beauty shop on Race course road has special offer on ladies make up boxes now at a reduced price of 250 kenya shillings. Business: Rukias beauty shop Where: Racecourse road

Get Your Picture taken For Free

Swabir Kodak studio on Race course road ;take 12 passport photos and get a bonus picture of any size free of charge and also get a free photo alnulm.offer is always there. Business: Swabir Kodak studio Where: Racecourse road

Techno & Alcatel Phones on Sale

West cot shopping centers on Race course road has special offer on techno and alcatel phones at reduced prices starting for 1500 kshs. Offer is valid while stocks last. Business: West cot shopping center Where: Racecourse road

Sandals Starting from 399

Birika traders on race course road has special offers on ladies sandals prices starting from 399 kshs. Offer is valid while stocks last. Business: Birika traders Where: Racecourse road

Special Offer on Dinner Plates

Tuskys at OTC Bus stage has special offer on dinner plates of two different designs, buy a dozen amounts of plates and get 2 free serving spoons of the same designs. Offer is valid while stocks last. Business: Tuskys Where: Racecourse Road

Free Tweezing & Eye-brow Threading

Wendi’s hair salon on Race course road has a special offer; get free tweezing or threading of eye brows when you pay for a hairdo worth 500 kshs Offer is always there. Business: Wendi’s hair salon Where: Racecourse Road

30% Discount on X-ray Services

Mbithis clinic on Race course rod (dealers and herbal specialist in diseases and ailments) has reduced their prices on charging patients laboratory and x-ray services up to 30 percent discount of normal price. Offer will be valid always. Business: Mbithis clinic Where: Racecourse Road

Special Offer on Kenyan Gospel CDs & DVDs

Mwengas Music shop has special offers on CDs and Tapes of Kenyan gospel artists; buy any CD or tape and get free CD stand upon every purchase Offer is valid while stocks of CD stand are available. Business: Mwengas Music shop Where: Racecourse Road

Free Toss With Purchase of Dish Clothes

Jack and Jill supermarket on Race course road has offers on dish clothes (3 pack) buy a three pack dish cloth pack and get a free toss 25 g washing powder. Offer is valid until the end of February 2012. Business: Jack and Jill Where: Racecourse Road