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Buy curtain materials at 350 KS a metre only at Tasneeem texile shop on River Road. Hurry while stocks last.

Special offer on sheers and curtain materials

Visit Tasneem shop on River Road for  a sale on curtain materials and curtains at 500 KS a meter. Hurry while stocks last.

Grand sale at Bata mini store,

Buy ladies, children and men’s shoes from Bata Mini store on River Road at special reduced rates cheaper than the other Bata outlets, Enjoy sales and discounts at Bata mini store on River Road. Hurry while stocks last.

Sale on 5X6 duvets

Buy beautiful 5X6 duvets with two pillows cases and 1 Bedsheet at 2700 KS only from River Road, Business centre stalls ,stall 11A. Offer is valid while stocks last

Special prices on Abuja lines braid

Visit Bestley cosmetics on River Road for affordable prices on Abuja lines braids both long and short at 38 KS only for a piece. Hurry offer is valid whilst stocks last.

School track suits availabe at 1450 KS

Buy school track suits as from 1,450 KS only from school uniforms on River Road. Hurry while stocks last.

Get loans on items

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Sheer materials at 500 KS a meter

Buy sheer materials for beautiful curtain and matching sheers at only 500 KS a metre . Offer is available at Lotus fabric shop on River Road. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Sale on 5 by 6 duvets

Buy 5 by 6 duvets in assorted colours and types with two pillow cases and one bed sheet at only 2800 KS. Offer is available at  at Siemens plaza along River Road,near Kipapeo hotel,stall no.J6 . Offer valid while stocks last.

Hawkers market on River Road is selling asorted ladies shoes at 500 Ks only

Visit Hawkers market on River Road for a collection and variety of shoes at only 500 Ks. Offer is always valid as stocks last.

Sale on ladies shoe and hand bags on River Road

Take a walk to Nairobi’s River Road for a great collection of ladies shoes and handbags all at special rates from 1500 KS. Offer is available at Turkish designer shop Taveta Road and is valid while stocks last.

Special offer on New quality duvets

Buy new quality duvets with one bed sheet and two pillow cases at 2,700 Ks only. Visit Realstar bussiness centre,opposite Mombasa Hse,river road,stall 93. Hurry while stocks last.

Special offers on Ex – UK fridges from 10, 000 Ks

Buy fridges from 10,000 Ks only from 1st floor , co-operate house next to cooperative bank on River road . Two door fridges re 24,000 Ks and single door fridges are 10,000 Ks. Offer is valid while stocks last.

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Visit Mini Bata store on River road for cheaper than usual prices on shoes and sandals. Get them at 3/4 of the prices in actual Bata sores.