Sale on ladies suits

Visit Mid land boutique on Utalii lane for offers on ladies suits going for 2,500 kshs. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Food take away

Buy take away Githeri at 100 kshs, rice and beef at 120 kshs and Pilau beef with kachumbari at 180 kshs only at Pong Agency Limited on Utalii Lane.

Special offer on Apple ear phones

Visit Pelsom Enterprises Limited on Utalii lane  for apple earphones at 100 kshs. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Special offer on special breakfast

Come have a special breakfast at KP’s Lounge on Utalii Lane. Get one egg, bacon, sausage, toast and a cup of tea for only 200 kshs.

Save 3000 on Dresses

Midland Boutique on at Midland Business centre Utalii lane has offer on dresses in varieties was 6500 kshs now going for 3000 kshs. Save up to 3000! Offer is valid while stocks last. Business: Midland Boutique Where: Utalii lane