Cookers sale at House wives Paradise

Spend 3,000 KS or more on cookers both electrical and gas at House wives Paradise on Kenyatta Avenue, Wabera street near Macmillan library and get a free sandwich toaster.

30 % discount on Aisle Hand bags and wallets

Buy hand bags or wallets of both men and women from Aisle Designer shop on Wabera  street and  get 30 % discount. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Special offer on Branded computers

Buy laptop core duo 2.0 GB/ 80 GB at 23,000 ksh only at Impex LTD,St Ellis House (7th floor) on Wabera street. Offer is valid while stocks last.

Computers on sale

Buy branded computers such as a 1.7 / 256/ 20 GB for 5,800 kshs, a 2.4/512/40 GB for 7,500 kshs, a 2.6/512/40 GB for 8,300 kshs, a 2.8/512/40 gb for 8,800 kshs and a 3.0/512/40 gb for 9,500 kshs all at Impex LTD, St Ellis house – 7th fllor room number 1 on Wabera street […]

One week computer offer

There is a special offer on a HP CPU, a strong swingable TFT monitor all brand new which come with a mouse and a key board complete, at 19,500  kshs only at Dig communications on Wabera street.

Sale on branded computers (New arrivals)

Visit Impex Limited on the 7th floor of St Elis house, door number 1, on Wabera street opposite High court for the following: 1.7/ 256 gb/20 gb at 5800 kshs, 2.4/ 512/40 gb at 7500 kshs, 2.8/512 / 40 gb Dell Desktop at 8000 kshs, 2.6/ 512/40 gb at 8300 kshs, a black 15″ CRT […]

Special Offer on snacks at Sana cafe LTD

Buy one mandazi, sausage, samosa and coffee or tea for 200kshs at Sana Cafe LTD on Wabera street.

Special offer on designer perfumes

Buy designer perfumes at low prices like 4,900 kshs at Mansions Chemist on Wabera street. Offer is valid while stocks last.